Puglia is a showcase of art, history and nature. It is the land of the sun and hospitality, located in the heart of the Mediterranean. Centuries of history and landscapes of enchantment are so many wonders that make these places unique to live an unforgettable experience.
Two seas of dreams embrace Apulia, with 800 km of coastline. The Ionian sea and the Adriatic create a variegated coastline, with cliffs plunging into the multicolored backgrounds and golden beaches that descend into the crystal clear water. So many civilizations have succeeded in Puglia, since ancient Greece, the Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Swedes and Angevins.
These precious testimonies of the history and the culture of different peoples, are as many discoveries of inestimable value, brought to light during numerous archaeological excavations revealing so many artistic and architectural treasures.
Here, the customs of the past are perpetuated by the rhythm of harvests, fishing, and the work of master craftsmen.

Sea and Nature


History and culture


Crafts and Tradition


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