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Extra Virgin Olive Oil “L’Olio di Felice Garibaldi”

This oil, produced by Oleificio De Carlo di Bitritto (BA) was born in honor of Felice Garibaldi, brother of the ``Hero of the two worlds`` and a leading businessman in the oil sector. In 1835 Garibaldi had guessed how convenient it was to distinguish and select trees according to species, collect the fruits separately and not mix the various qualities in the oil production phase: this revolutionary approach for the time laid the foundations for a historical change of which the benefits are still today. The Felice Garibaldi is a monocultivar oil that enjoys the recognition of Slow Food presidium, and is produced by the 100% Ogliarola olives variety (Cima di Bitonto), harvested directly from the plant and processed within 12 hours of harvesting in the company's oil mill.


Durum wheat pasta

Typical of the Apulian cuisine are the orecchiette of durum wheat, fresh pasta made by hand. Ideal to combine with sauces of tomato or cooked vegetables, special with turnip tops, as tradition.


Dairy products and cheese

Cacioricotta scamorze and mozzarella, on all the buffalo, burrata, stacciatella, caciocavallo, canestrato pugliese, ricotta marzotica, giuncata are just some of the varieties of cheese produced in Puglia, all of great quality, like the Madina of Gravina, made with sheep and goat's milk, a very fresh cheese that must be consumed during the day.



<br /> Our bread is made from re-milled durum wheat semolina and is the result of a long natural leavening and of one<br /> traditional cooking from the wood oven.


Capocollo of Martina Franca

È un insaccato molo apprezzato in tutta Italia (è presidio Slow Food) ricavato dalla fascia muscolare del suino collocata<br /> tra il capo e la zona vertebrale.


Focaccia Barese

La focaccia barese è un prodotto lievitato da forno tipico della Puglia, specialmente della città di Bari. Ne esistono diverse varianti, ma una cosa è certa: deve essere piuttosto bassa, ben dorata e croccante ai bordi ma soffice al centro, condita con pomodorini e olive

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Puglia is perhaps the region that holds the record for the local ecotypes of cultivated tomato from the table<br /> in full air, especially as regards the ``rod`` type. In each Apulian province there are niches of<br /> production that gives the market types of cluster rods or single fruit, pigmented green, red<br /> or yellow, to be consumed immediately or destined for conservation until winter months.


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